22 October 2013

The only soup base you’ll ever need:

You guys, I hate to admit it…but I’m a lazy cook. I make 88% of all our meals at home, but I only do this because of food prep.<-----That post on making food ahead of time is an OLD one…(pre taking blogging seriously) and I plan to give ya a new one soon.

During the work week, if I can make it ahead of time, I will! I try to plan all our meals over the weekend for the whole week, and prep what I can to make dinner easy peasy. What’s better than warm soup during these cold months? Answer: nothing! I love soup. And after numerous attempts, I’ve found the all-time best soup base ever. Go grab yourself some-

• Carrots (if you like them…you can omit)
• 1 white onion
• ½ stick of butter (I didn’t say it was the healthiest of all recipes
• Crushed Garlic
• S & P
• Bay Leaves
• Cumin
• Thyme
• Red Pepper Flakes
• Onion + Garlic Poultry seasoning (I just love this and throw it in everything)
• 2 Chicken Bouillon Cubes
• If you like celery…throw it in…I hate it…but it would work here too

It might be the last one you ever need. What is a soup base, you ask? It’s simply what you use to start
a soup. I made chicken noodle with this one, however with a few additions, you could make creamy
potato, or white bean and spinach, or add a can of tomato’s and turn it into minestrone. The best
part is, you can make a HUGE batch ahead of time, throw it in your freezer, and just add it to your
ingredients when you want to use it. Bam. Perfect soup every time!

You can make the entire thing in 15 minutes I bet…

1) Chop your onion, Garlic, & Carrot
2) Melt your ½ stick in a heavy bottom frying pan
3) Add your onions and begin to let them sweat. The kitchen will be smelling MM MM good at this
4) Toss in you carrots to let them get a little familiar with the party
5) After about 5 minutes, throw in your garlic. I use about a tablespoon (I love Garlic!) but you
should do this to taste
6) Help the party get started by stirring the mixture around
7) In a small bowl, add your spices. Again, I do this to taste, but it’s usually around a teaspoon of
each, except the salt
8) Throw your spices in the mixture with a ½ cup of water
9) Add 2 chicken bouillon cubes, and let everything marry for about 5 more minutes
10) Turn off the heat, transfer to some Tupperware…and be proud! You just made soup!

I turned this base into Chicken Noodle. All I did was throw the base in the crockpot, with 2 full bowls of water. I put in 4 chicken breasts that I let cook through the day.
When they’re done, shred ‘em up, and add some uncooked egg noodles to the soup. Put the lid on, and by the time you’re done setting the table (about 10 minutes) your noodles will be cooked, and your soup is ready for action!

I hope you try this simple recipe for all your future soupy endeavors. :)

Xo Kylie

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  1. This looks really good. I will have to try this very soon. It's so cold here today and a bowl of this soup would be perfect for a day like this.

  2. Found you via the link up! This is such a good idea. I love cooking, but I hate planning ahead. But I know it's something that I need to start doing, for all our sakes! Can't wait to read more about your blog.

  3. How 'bout you just come make me some soup? I love soup. I think Phil would go hungry rather than eat soup. That's okay though, because he's a major spoon-slurper and it makes me want to stab him with my own spoon.


  4. I'm not a soup person at all, but I could go for a bowl of this!

  5. I really love this :) This recipe sounds AMAZING! Pinning it to my pinterest ASAP ;)

  6. If you haven't linked up yet, I'd love to have you come share this on Teach Me Tuesday! http://www.somedayilllearn.com/2013/10/28/teach-tuesday-39/

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