29 October 2013

GoodBye Weekend...

Happy Tuesday to you!

How was your weekend? I have to be honest with you, I had planned today to show you how beautiful the guest bathroom wainscoting looks. To give you an in-depth tutorial on how to frame a builder grade mirror, and show you all of our new, fun bathroom accessories. Bad news though, guys…the guest bath still look exactly like this. I haven’t even cleaned the paint up on the wall by the cabinet yet…we needed a relaxing weekend!

You see, my almost husband is a cop. Therefore, a weekend together is a rare occurrence, and we usually spend them knee-deep in projects. So we made the decision to go see (2!) movies, go out to dinner AND go out to lunch, spend some money on new jump ropes (Crossfit…don’t ask) , and watch football. And that’s all we did, and it was so lovely.

Speaking of Crossfit...our weekend started with our first ever FRAN workout. 98 percent of you will have no idea what i'm talking about. That other 2 percent will know that it is the worst pain you will ever feel from a workout. My only word to describe it is ouch.

Ryan used to be who got me through my work outs...until I learned about Rich Froning , the fittest man in the world.

He is INCREDIBLE! If you want to take some time to look all that he is online...I highly suggest it :)

Jake dragged me to a pet adoption event on Saturday…and I was clear that we were ONLY looking…

Until we met this little guy, who was already potty trained, and had the cutest little stubby legs. I almost changed my mind…but I really wanted to go to the Flying Burrito & I didn’t know where we would put him…so we left without a new addition to the family. (Sorry, Honey!)

Speaking of Flying Burrito…

They have the best fish tacos I’ve had in Arkansas so far, and I scarfed down 3 like it was my job. Also, that's our realtor, & friend Marcus on the Billboard behind me. (Lets see if you really read this as much as you say you do, Marcus :) )

On Sunday, we spent some time on our back patio, which I’ve literally done NOTHING to. We pulled our cushions out of our storage room, and sat down to soak in the gorgeous 70 degree temperature.

The coolest thing about these amazing, comfy cushions that I adore is that all Summer I held out buying them, because at 60 bucks a pop, I just wasn’t willing to spend nearly 300 dollars on cushions, no matter how gorgeous they were. Well, as soon as Lowes started breaking out their Halloween Décor, I hopped online, and BAM on sale for 13.99 EACH! Can you believe it? For the price of one
cushion we bought 4 and I laughed all the way to the bank. :) (Well actually my Grandma did,because she bought them for us as a housewarming gift...thanks Gram!)

We tried really hard to get a instagram worthy photo of our Sunday laziness...the sun was in our eyes and it didn't happen...clearly :)

Remember how I said they were comfy though? I wasn’t lying…

I got up to put one load of laundry away, and by the time I came back out that happened.

Sunday Evening, we went up to my parents’ house for dinner, and I was lucky to snag a solid 20
minutes of “I just woke up” baby cuddles. (One happy me!)

Fuzzy Iphone Picture...poop!

We wrapped up the weekend by discussing our half-asleep plans to buy a vintage trailer, and fix it up and make like gypsies visiting the best campsites around the world.

Maybe one day….

Until Next Time,

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  1. I don't know how you managed to come home without that doggie! The one day I went to the shelter to "just look" was the best day ever because Eddie had just been put out for adoption that day. And he came home with us. I can't believe that was almost a decade ago!


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