18 October 2013

5 on Friday

I’m hopping on the 5 things train. It seems this is a blog trend that everyone wants to be a part of…and I don’t like being left behind :) Since I had a slew of project-fails over the weekend that I just couldn’t post…(you know…because I would have been embarrassing) you’re getting a non-DIY related update post for Friday. Act a little more excited, won’t you?

1) Martha Stewart hurt my feelings. Seriously though. Someone we all look up to in this
world literally showed her ugliest, most pretentious side and it hurt my feelings! Sorry,
Martha…but in case you forgot you were a nobody once too. And there was that time you were
incarcerated…yeah, I still remember! (If you have no idea what I’m talking about-watch the
video HERE) and Martha...I am officially switching to the ARC system at staples! You lost this "novice bloggers" business, missy!

2) I started CrossFit Wednesday. I want to die today. Today is worse than yesterday. I have to brace
myself to pee. Just lowering my body to the toilet seat is a task. (Too much information?) But
really, I’m so looking forward to getting stronger! Gaining muscle and weight on this body as
well as looking like a total bad-ass lifting giganto weights.

3) PROTEIN. I eat like a rabbit. More like the Easter Bunny, actually. Salad + Turkey Sandwiches +
CANDY. Those are my 3 food groups and that’s just not going to cut it for this kind of work out.
This weekend I’m going to try to get moving on some high protein recipes that will help these
baby muscles grow. Which is good news, because I hope to bulk up my Recipes Page too!

4) I’m so obsessed with this time of year. Did you get a chance to check out my Halloween d├ęcor?
Bats, Porches,Free Printables, and more!. It doesn’t get better than that! Every time I come
home my heart is happy.

5) We’re finishing up Phase two of our Guest Bath this weekend and next. There will be
Beadboard. And new towels. And lots of other cool stuff that I’m super excited about. Wish us
luck in our first attempt at Wainscotting. I can’t wait to share it with you in the next few weeks.

Beadboard Bathtub


Can’t wait for Monday! (Okay, lie. Yes I can).

Until Next Time,

PSST…follow through the weekend…Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest

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  1. Oh my, you made me laugh with #2 I've been there too! :D Looking forward to your #5 project, beadboard, wainscotting...I already like it ;) Now, I have to go and check your Halloween decor.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Yeah that whole Martha Stewart bit made me so irate! I swear, I won't be buying any of her products anymore if I can help it!


  3. Hi Kylie, great 5 On Friday. I think your very talented and I am inspired by your decorations and diy projects...keep it up :)

    Your #2 was funny, but not funny that you were in pain. Also I have learned that there is nothing embarrassing once your going to have a baby. I think your workout will get easier the more you do it...hope that your not too sore.

    I can't wait to see your guest bathroom finished!!!

    Hope you had a great weekend

    1. Hi Kylie, thanks for the reply :) I am due December 3rd, however at high risk for early delivery. 34 weeks today!!! Each day that goes by is better but we should be pretty much in the clear if she comes early. I see some new post you have done, will have to check it out.

  4. Yeah, no kidding Martha. WE didn't go to jail, you snob!!! I've never tried crossfit, but I have run 2 marathons, so I understand the not being able to sit down thing. Or being able to walk down stairs. Or just being able to move in general. Ouch.


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