12 September 2013

Printing on itty bitty tags

 Hey guys! Have you seen those cute little tags at hobby lobby, and all over etsy, but had no idea how to print on them? There is no standard printer that can print on a 1 inch itty bitty tag, that's for sure.

For our May wedding, I wanted to add some fun to our glasses, so I needed to print on a LOT of tags, and had no idea how to do it. Through some trial and error using my fav program ever (Microsoft Word) I finally came up with a system that works awesome for me.

First, go in to Word and follow this path Insert>Insert Picture>select Picture you'd like to print

Now, select your picture. It will probably be gigantic, so you'll need to drag the corner up to make it the correct size

These logo's are for my Dad & Jakes home-brew beer. (More on that another day:) )

To decide on the size I need, I take my tag, and hold it up to the screen, and make sure the entire logo is inside the tag

Once I have the size I like, I simply copy and paste as many logos as I need on the page. I did 3 of 3 different logos here:

Finally we get to print! Go into your printer settings, and click "printer properties" to change your print to Greyscale

You need to click through to "advanced" and click "black ink only" under Greyscale. Doing this saves you some color ink!

When you have your logos printed on plain white paper, add a small amount of low-tack tape to the center of each logo, and then press your tags on!

Load the sheet back into your printer, go back and change Greyscale to color...and you're set little lady! Print those cute tags up!

Lets say that you don't have a logo you want to print, and you just want to print some words on a tag. Easy! Simply follow the grid making process we did in the cupcake flags & add the words inside the grid. Measure your tag to the screen like we did, and follow the same steps!

It seems like a ton of steps, but I promise, it's really easy. I know there are some awesome opossum tutorials out there on how to do this with Silhouette, or Cricut but in the meantime, if you don't have one of those super-cool machines...this works great too!

I hope it can help you in all your future crafty endeavors :)

Until Next Time,


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  1. Thank you for sharing this. :) I was planning on making little tags for some much needed oranization this year. =D

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for your great tutorial and I'm so happy it's all done in word instead of complicated photo programs!!


  3. Love these tags! Great idea! I am a new follower...would love if you would follow back http://churchstreetdesigns.blogspot.com/

  4. Yeah, there’s no standard printer that prints in small sizes. However, a good printer is still needed to make sure the picture comes out detailed in spite of its size. Thanks! This is helpful.