10 September 2013

Let the beat drop..


 So, I really try to come up with fun creative titles for my posts...and sometimes they only make sense to me. Like today, we're making a drum shade. So I think, drum=beat=Black Eyed Peas=Let the Beat Drop=dance party in the kitchen. Try living in my brain for a little while...it might be a fun place to be. :)

Sometimes you need to attempt a project twice. Like this one. I attempted to make my first drum shade about 3 months ago and it was an epic fail. The whole thing turned out horrible and I put it in the closet for another 3 months until I could give it another go. I wish I had a picture for you guys. You'd totally put it on Pinfails.com or whatever that website is.

Basically, we have this horrible chandelier in our non-existent dining room. It's in the center of the room, however the room is not big enough for a "centered" dining table. So it just looks stupid, and you hit your head on it and then you scream "AHH KELLY CLARKSON" and your future husband looks at you like, "what the heck is she smoking?...cause I want some". Okay. Back to the task at hand.

I followed this tutorial for making the shade. It's a good one. I have a few additions that may help you along the way too. :) (You know...so you don't have to make this twice like I did)

1) Making the drum shade with plexi and hoops is easy. Except you'll find the hoops have these big ugly cubes on the outside and I didn't like those. So, I took off the outer ring, and used some gorilla glue to keep the inner in place. This is what it looked like:

The key part is seriously measuring your fabric right. If you have a solid, you won't need to do it in two parts, however, since we're chevron-obsessed in this family, I had to cut the material in two parts.

I layed it down and wrapped the fabric around, and secured with box tape. Then I did the same thing on the other side so that it would be covered from all angles.

I temporarily secured the whole thing with box tape before even starting to hot-glue. (oh yeah baby...we're breaking out the hot glue. Cause here at Absolutely Arkansas we treat it like Franks Hot Sauce...we put that stuff  on everything. ;)

Since I was going to have a seam, I un-taped one side, and gave it a quick seam, then glued it back on. I went around the shade with my fabric, gluing slowly along the way.

In the end, I was obsessed with the result. For my finishing touch, I took my exacto, and carefully trimmed any excess fabric from the inside.

Then it was Mr. Rose to the rescue! He hung it up for me, and now it hangs happily over our old, God-awful chandie. :)

YAAAY! I absolutely love her. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. But nothing In this house is, & that's why I love it so much. :) And just because everyone loves a good before & after:

As we like to say in the Emperors New Groove...BOOM BABY!

Oh! For a quick price breakdown:

Fabric- 9 bucks

Plexi- 6 Bucks

Hoops- 3 each

Tape/Glue/everything else- Owned

Bringing my total just a bit over 20.00 with tax. For a GIANT 23" drum shade...i'll take it!

I hope you'll come back the rest of the week, and see what we've been up to. :)

Until Next Time,


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  1. Okay, super-cute shade! I've haven't attempted anything like this. Yet. If you guys love hot sauce on everything, you should give Crystal a try. We used to use Franks on everything, then my sister introduced us to Crystal. We mainline that stuff now. Give it a try!


  2. I LOVE chevron! Great job! I love reading you blog posts, you are to funny!

  3. I love the chevron pattern it fits perfectly in the space, fantastic job ~ Lisa

  4. This turned out so cute, love the chevron! It totally completes the kitchen :)

    IG: megawat
    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  5. It looks great! I love the before and after photos!

  6. Now I wish we had DIYed our kitchen drum shade for $20. Yours looks great! :)

  7. I likey! It completely revamps the whole fixture. I'll be looking around the habitat for humanity stores for a chandy. We've only got boob fixtures in our house.

  8. Looks great! And I love how you have your table off to the side instead of in the middle of the room, that's how I've done my dining room too! It makes it feel bigger to me.


  9. I've been thinking about redo-ing our lamp shade, so cute, great job!
    Coming by from the link party palooza!
    Beth @ The First Year Blog

  10. Looks great Kylie!!!! Although,I'm absolutely adoring the plexi version too! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Looks great! Love the fabric choice! Thanks for linking up to Suburbsmama

  12. I actually bought the stuff to do this project ages ago...and I just sort of gave up on it. I switched the guest bedroom to another room and found it all crammed under the bed the other day! Maybe I'll give it another shot. How did you hang it?

    I like your table in the middle in the before photo...maybe just put the captain's chairs elsewhere to free up space, and only bring them out for company?

    1. Do it, girL! You'll be so glad you did! We actually just looped heavy duty fishing line between the fabric and tied it to the existing chandelier. It's worked like a charm so far!

      I would love to knock out part of that wall so that we had more space for a more "formal" dining area. I like the idea of moving the captains chairs! Thanks, girl!


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