30 August 2013

Oh you fancy, huh?

I’m all about words in places. You know, like  putting your last name in your living room. Or letting people know that they’re in the bathroom:
{My Fabuless Life}
 Or just reminding your guests that they’re in the kitchen so they should dine. 
 We all lose our mind sometimes, and it’s nice to remember what you’re supposed to do, where.

 That being said, I knew I wanted to put some cutsie letters on our dining room shelves.  The question was, what size? What color? Wood? Cardboard? Metal? The options are endless.

2 weeks ago I went to Hobby Lobby and their wood letters weren’t on sale. (if you don’t know…now you know…never buy anything full price from Hobby Lobby).  I browsed and their metal ones were, like the Rose we have in our living room, but I didn’t want to do the same exact letters and I also think they’re a little too large for those tiny shelves.

So I went back the following week to see if the wood ones were on sale, however I still wasn’t feeling excited about them at all. I decided to browse…(you try going to Hobby Lobby without browsing…yeah, I didn’t think so).  And that’s when I found them…the perfect shape, size, and  color!

Okay they weren’t the right color, but seriously, nothing a little spray paint can’t fix. And at .50 cents a pop…these were going to be even cheaper than the large letters that I was originally looking at. Scoooreee! (Twerking in the craft aisle).

Gold is so trending right now. I originally planned on painting these Chrome to match the appliances in the kitchen, but when I picked up our cute little vintage Sugar Tin, I was too obsessed with the idea of mixing metals...so I went with Gold and Cream. I sprayed with some Krylon Primer (just a light coat) and then 2 light coats of Krylon Metalic Gold and Krylon Paint + Primer in Cream. Easy as pie I tell you. (I never really understood that saying. Baking a pie from scratch is not easy.)  So now we will never forget what we’re supposed to do at the kitchen table. Heck ya! I’ll Dine the crap out of it. What? I don’t know. :)

Until next time,

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  1. Love the one gold letter! Me and the rest of the universe is gold obsessed. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I was just thinking of doing this in my kitchen, so you have given me some great ideas to work with. By the way, I stumbled upon your blog. I just moved from Arkansas last year to Utah. We spent 10 years in Arkansas before moving!!! We lived in Bentonville and Little Rock. Such an experience. I learned so much (especially because I'm originally from UT, so it was very new). Love the trees. Not a fan of humidity. Love the people. Nicest (and sometimes the craziest) people ever. I miss it!

  3. I love Hobby Lobby! And you are right... never pay full price there. If it isn't on sale this week, chancesare it will be next week! Love what you did with the letters!

  4. great idea with the gold, and I looove mixing metals. I know all the rules about hobby lobby, I just wish there was one remotely near me! they seem to have such great deals and selection! lol about needing instructions on what to do where.

  5. I love the pop of gold! I need to check out hobby lobby more often:) I have been wanting a C to hang on our wall behind our couch. Once I actually hang up photos then maybe I can decide what style & color I need.


  6. Thank you so much for visitng me Kylie! I love graphic word art too and yours looks wonderful! Love it! Angie xo

  7. You are officially the cutest ever! I am cracking up over here at all of your adorable sayings and comments! And those letters...so stunning! I love that you went with the cream and gold. Very chic! And I'm always up for a reminder of what I'm supposed to be doing at any particular moment! ;) Hope you are having a wonderful week, Kylie! Thanks for the inspiration!

    ~Abby =)

  8. Found you at show and tell saturday blog hop. Love your blog and your style! I love the letters, great job!!

  9. Awesome idea! I am especially loving the example you showed from "My Fabuless Life!"