24 September 2012

Halloween Bunting!

  Hello you spooky readers you.

  I’ve got another fun Halloween craft for you today. I was SO EXCITED about how it turned out, because let me tell you…I’m no Martha Stewart. (Besides the fact that I was arrested for conspiracy too) (just kidding…I wasn’t). I know you see these ALL OVER pinterest. But I actually didn’t find a good tutorial, so I decided to help my favorite bloggies out. If you don’t already know how to make it yourself that is!

  I present to you… Happy Halloween Bunting!

It was actually super fun to make, and super easy…and with a few things from the craft store as well as my 40 percent off Hobby Lobby coupon…the entire craft came in under 5 dollars. WHICH MEANS I saved myself 35 dollars, cause they had the EXACT SAME thing at one of the resale boutiques here for FOURTY BUCKS! Pshh I bet some ol’ shmuck bought it too. HA!

You will need:

Some burlap (I bought 2 yards at Hobby lobby on sale for 3 dollars/yd but I used my coupon. This is WAY more than you’ll need though. 2 feet would be plenty)
Acrylic paint (on sale for $1 chica chica yeah!  Fake id fake id!)
A paint brush (already in my craft room!)
Festive Ribbon (I got 5 yards for 2 dollars…and didn’t even use a quarter of it)
Hot glue/hot glue gun (Already in my craft room!)
A computer

First I laid out my burlap and created a triangle template out of cardboard. This is optional, obviously, if you majored in triangle drawing in College. But I didn’t…so I cut one out.

Then trace your triangles onto your burlap. I needed 14 for H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N.
Get to snippin.

I just love my sweet little triangles!

Now comes the fun part. Except its not the fun part. If you have a fancy machine or stencil, this will come easy for you. I do not…so I did it the ghetto-fabulous way.
I picked a font I liked on word (Bakersfield old face) typed the letter, found a nice size, and held my burlap to the screen. The light from the monitor reflected perfectly and I was able to trace each letter with a black sharpee marker.

 It wasn’t as hard as it sounds, I promise! It took literally 5 minutes. Then I took my traced triangle pieces of love and sat out on the deck while I painted. It was beautiful out so I sat down and enjoyed the breezy sunshine. If it is raining or 1000 degrees out, I suggest painting inside. (But that’s just me)  I took black acrylic paint and just filled in the traced letters.

Now is the hardest part…wait until your letters are dry. I didn’t, and I got black paint on my walls, and carpet. That’s what you get for being an impatient crafter, Kylie!

  After your triangles are dry, lay em out in order, and cut your festive ribbon to size. Hot glue the triangles to the backside of your ribbon, and your good to go!

See! Easy! And it looks amazing and I LOVE IT! I will totally be doing another one for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. You get the idea. We like the Holidays in my home.

  I hung mine above the TV because I had some blank space, and we don’t have a fireplace WAHH! I can’t wait till we finally build our home and I have a mantel to decorate!

 Please try this easy craft, you will not be disappointed.


(Check out my Chromed out pumpkins HERE!!)

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  1. it turned out super cute! I love the way you did it too that was so smart. And once again, YOU CRACK ME UP!

  2. This is awesome! I loved how you tied it together with that adorable ribbon for an extra touch of Halloween! So rustic and easy to make. Nice work!

  3. Very good idea {holding the burlap up to your monitor} - found you at Home Stories from A to Z and liked your cute bunting!