14 August 2012

Why I love this man:

Jake: Freaking sh** Gosh damnit mother effer
Me: what is your damage?!
Jake: the blankets are all messed up and I can't get them to cover me right
Me: what are you talking about (eye roll cause he is clearly cover challenged)
Jake: I think the problem is the down comforter is all twisted inside the Laboof
Me: the WHAT?!
Jake: the laboof
Me: you mean the Duvet????
Jake: um. um.

Hysterical laughter to the point of tears rolling down our faces.

Yes, Jake thought a Duvet was called a "laboof" as in Shia laboof (or however you spell it) from holes or transformers. I got me a master of all that is decor ladies, keep the drool to yourselves.

(Let the record reflect that Jake does, in fact, have a tooth there...he can just pop it out whenever he feels like it..but thats another story)

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  1. Ha! I showed this to my husband and he has declared that he will now refer to our bedroom quilt as a "laboof". :)

  2. HAHAHA! So funny! Isn't it great how you can know someone for years and still learn about new quirks all the time? That's a great one.

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