18 June 2012

Day 3 we have arrived, continued

  So last night I was just way too exhausted/excited/overwhelmed to even begin writing a blog post. (To be honest, i'm not sure how I am doing it right now!!) So I wanted to let you guys know the adventures of yesterday, and also tell you about our first day as rednecks. (Joke, our first day as cowboys. JOKE, our first day in Arkansas :D)

  Let me start with Oklahoma. It was without a doubt my favorite part of the road trip. (except maybe the part where it was over). It is one of the most beautiful states I have ever been too. Rolling hills, grass plains, and the most beautiful neighborhoods you have ever seen. I have some family that lives in Norman, and we stopped by for some lunch and to visit, and I was BLOWN AWAY by how much I loved the area. I was literally saying if it didn't work out in Arkansas I would totally move to Ok. (then I could rename my blog Outrageously Oklahoma...hmmmmm).

I was so happy to see some high-rises! I felt like I was at home again.

 I don't think traffic lights on cords could be ANY more charming

This is my Aunts neighborhood. How lovely is it?! The brick houses and perfectly manicured lawns. I was in heaven!!

  I really didn't snap as many pictures of Oklahoma as I would have liked to, mostly because I was so anxious to get to Arkansas, but I will give you my word that if you drive through it, you wont regret it!!

  And now onto my new home. Arkansas. Where do I even begin? I truly feel overwhelmed by how much I want to experience, and I keep havin to remind myself we have nothing but time here!! This place is DROP.DEAD.GORGEOUS. I literally look outside and gasp. I feel as if I am on vacation, partly cause I am living out of a suitcase (the movers are a day late grrr), but also because this place is so incredible, that I never want to leave.

Does this take your breath away or WHAT?! This is what we have to drive through every time we would like to go into town.

This is the view of the house from our dock. Oh yeah, our own private dock. I could die!!

This was my view this morning while drinking my morning coffee.

  Oh yeah, speaking of Coffee, there are only 2 STARBUCKS WITHIN A HALF HOUR OF US!!! I never thought i'd live in a town where churches outnumbered Starbucks, but its amazing. And speaking of Churches, I can't wait to start shopping for one out here! There is one on every corner, so I know we will have lots of options, I just can't wait for Sunday!!

   Today was the best day. We had the yummiest breakfast at the sweetest Dennys ever. The waitress we had was beyond friendly. There is something about the people here. When we walked out of Wal Mart, a man said "Have a nice day", and naturally I said, "you as well", and he replied with, "I'm already having a good day, i'm talking to you!". Are you kidding me?! Who is that sweet and friendly!!?

We opened up a bank account with the local branch out here, and were given a glass of sweet iced tea while we filled out paper work. (lord I love the south and their sweet tea)

  We then came home to unpack the items we did have, (it wasn't much, but we did have some furniture I bought from an Antique dealer out here) I am so darn excited for the movers to come tomorrow so I can begin unpacking and putting this place together!! Here is a little sneaky peaky of some of my favorite pieces. They totally wont stay like this, but while we're unpacking, its visually happy to me :)

I completely lose it over some of this furniture!

 Jake fits right in already! He and my Dad wanted to be "hip" so they bought sleeveless t-shirts from Wal Mart today. I am not going out in public with them.

 Without a doubt though, the highlight of the day was jumping in our Lake for the first time with my family, and then sitting out and watching the fireflies (which I had never seen in my life until tonight) as we ate pizza.

  Matching family swim shoes!! The bottom is rocky so they saved our feet. (Aren't the baby shoes the cutest!!)

 Baby Kaedyn got caught with his pants down. He he he!!

here is the silly video of us jumping into the Lake for the first time. (my technology challenged mom took it, so bare with her.)  Does that look like the best day, or does that look like the best day??? I am infatuated with it here. I just wish I could transport my friends and family here with us!!  I can't wait to show you more pictures of my "coming along" house tomorrow.
p.s. there was a DEER standing in our front lawn this morning. A DEER!!! What?!?! p.s.s I am going to do a cleanse the day our pots and pans are unpacked. All this fast food is destroying me from the inside out, so its going to be green tea and chicken breast to flush it out for at least a week!!
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  1. Kylie! I am so glad you and your family made it out there safely! I was keeping up and excited for your blogs as you drove through all those states. :) Your new place is beyond BEAUTIFUL! Glad you're enjoying it! Have fun and be safe out there!!

  2. I am so jealous of that view and the lake! I'd love to live on a lake!!

  3. Wow- beautiful home. Congratulations on your new adventure.

  4. I'm so confused, did your family make the move with you and you stayed at this lake house? Or is this where your family lives and you guys live in that cute little suburb home you've been blogging, or did you take like a vacation before you moved into the home you bought? Hahaa sorry I'm just so intrigued!! It's so nice to hear another blogger say they LOVE Arkansas!! I know I sure do, let's be real life Arkansas friends, k? K.