16 May 2012

Who in their right mind would move to Arkansas?

  Well I decided to start a blog. I dont know if i'm going to be good at it, I don't know if any of ya'll are even going to care about it, but here goes nothing. I am a San Diego girl, born and raised, about to embark on the 1500 mile journey (driving...shit that is going to SUCK!) to Arkansas. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know what your thinking, WHO WOULD MOVE FROM SAN DIEGO TO ARKANSAS?! I get that every day of my life, so let me answer some questions for you. See this kid right here....

he is the main reason why. That's my little brother Kaedyn, yes I said it, BROTHER. That's a long story in itself, but i'll give you the short version...some time about 2 years ago, my Mom and Pops sat myself and my 16 year old sister down to explain to us that well..they were knocked up. Despite the craziness, he is the best thing to ever happen to our family, and I can't even imagine life without the cutie! So what does Arkansas have to do with him? Well, my Pops, who has been a San Diego police officer for 20 years, accepted a position with Wal Mart (bare with me I know this is boring) and I guess they pay their greeters really well out there....just joking. He is working as some executive position blah blah blah, and basically I just can't imagine not seeing this little guy every day! So myself, my high school sweetheart, Jake (you'll learn all about him later), Mom, Pops, Sister, and this little cutie are all packin our bags and headed south. It shouldn't be too bad right? RIGHT?!

   Stay tuned for the adventures of a cross-country road trip and culture shocks of moving to a dry county...oh yeah did I mention that little tid-bit? Its a DRY COUNTY. Holy cow this should be interesting. In the meantime enjoy the view that is my new backyard....



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  2. Hi. I found your blog through a pinterest link. I was just looking at your blowout tutorial. Then noticed your blog was called absolutely arkansas. I am from northwest arkansas, so it peeked my curiosity. So I went to your first post to get an idea of where in Arkansas you are. Walmart gives it away. You are here in NWA as well. It is a small world. Hope you are loving it here. Ive lived in Arkansas all my life and couldnt be happier with it.

  3. Hey, Tara!!

    How weird! What a small world it is indeed. Super excited to met a fellow NWA friend! How about this weather? I'm dying for Spring! I don't know if my San Diego body can handle anymore snow!! And not to mention, i've never seen anything quite as beautiful and Arkansas in the Spring. :)

    Thank you for coming by! Super excited to have you :)


  4. So I JUST now figured this all out!!! I had been wondering why on earth you moved to AR, and what your family story was, and now I know :)

    1. You're so funny, Sarah! Yep! That's why. But San Diego will always have my heart. :)