17 May 2012

On the next episode of Hoarders:

   Well we're 28 days till d-day and by d-day I mean the day we finally get all of our stuff into a gigantor moving truck...and get all sorts of funky on a 4 day road trip to Arkansas. I am the type of person who needs to make a list for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING....
                                 (this is the coolest and I need a mental note to make one)

 and one of my favorite sayings of all time is "if everyone does a little, no one does a lot" and I make this a point in my everyday life, so I have been doing something little every single day so that when D-day does arrive, its not the world war 3, tornado, natural disaster, hurricane, volcano eruption I am expecting it to be.

  Sounds great right? I know you're all thinking to yourselves, "wow Kylie your the organizing Queen master of the universe". Except no. This is what my house looks like right now...
yeah, that good lookin' fellow in the gym shorts is mine too...;) But anyways...I wouldn't exactly call my home "swoon worthy" its more like "suck worthy" cause it sucks.  This is what moving does to you! Boxes and laundry and bird cages (don't ask). Its a disaster. Hopefully in the days coming I can get this place under control, and my packing will look like the organized queen master of the universe's house should look like. Here is a picture of my sweet little 600 square foot home in its former unpacked glory....

not half as bad right? Cool...maybe you wont judge me so much now ;)


P.s...I was driving behind this today on my way home from work...cool right?

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  1. you can totally add my "arkansas state mom" EVEN THOUGH it said Arizona. No one can read that little sticker anyways ;)

    It's going to show up "anonymous" every time i comment so i'll just have to write...
    Love, Bree :)

  2. Hahaha!! I totally can! Even if you didn't say love, Bree I would know who wrote this :)