18 May 2012

Home sweet home...

  I'm having an identity crisis. I am OBSESSED with decorating my home more than a 13 year old little girl is obsessed with the Biebs. I also have moving issues where I feel terrified to sign anything other than a 1 year lease, because I know I will get bored with the space and want to redecorate. Right now I am having this issue with deciding which way I want to go with the new place.  First let me show you some pictures of my lovely blank canvas.

 Please ignore these horrible hunter green counter tops, and the awful outdoor/indoor carpet. BARF.
The carpets will be replaced with Laminate shortly after we move in :)

 Don't you just DIE over this wall of windows?? Not to mention the view outside of them...WOW!

This is the  wall right next to the entrance where you will find the mudroom.

  Ignore the trash everywhere also, Jake was out there on business a few weeks ago and I had him paint while he was there. I went with "warm grey" by sherwin williams and it's the perfect "greige"

Now that I have bored you to death with my details...back to my identity crisis. I am loving homes like these...

 all gorgeous, french country chic, I don't actually live in my home, Martha Stewart vacations here. Right?? (p.s when I told Jake about "french country chic"  he said and I quote, "your totally making that up, I am going to decorate our bathroom in Arabian Eskimo chic" hahah! I love that man) Also the greyish beige hues match most of my current furniture. So when picking out fabric for the pillow i'm making I fell in love with these fabrics...

Totally gorg right??? So you're wondering, why are you putting us through this boring blog post...and where has the identity crisis come in? Well I will tell you... I also LOVE rooms like this:

all quirky and fun-like. With coordinating fabrics like these:

hence: the identity crisis. I'm trying my best to combine some of the elements of both to create my own "grown up country chic martha stewart quirk" but i'm having some issues. To make matter worse, check out some of my new purchases...

So with these items, do you think I should lean more towards mostly neutrals with slight pops of color, or just go all out with the quirkiness? I mean a bright blue side board and sofa table don't exactly scream "subtle". I think these items really bring the best of both worlds. What do you all think? I need advice!! As you can see its a gigantic blank canvas so I have a lot to work with!

  Leave me a comment, (you can select "anonymous" if you don't have a google account) and let me know what ya'll are thinkin! I need to make some decisions before I go all schizo and my identity crisis takes over. You guys are the best!

-a very confused Kylie

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  1. I think that the neutrals with the pop of color here and there will give you that perfect medium of your two styles. You can stay with the country chic with the neutral on like the walls and carpet and larger furniture. But then I think that the bright chair or night stand or table centerpiece will definitely keep your quirkiness in place :)

    p.s. I just read through all of your posts and you're addicting haha. We haven't talked much since hs but I'm glad to see all is going amazingly for you. Hope all continues to go well for you Kylie!! :D

  2. Awww Stac, that means a ton!! I totally agree with you about the decor, that seems to be everyones opinion, to keep the neutrals and throw in some pops of color here and there. Its totally what I am going to do!

    I so appreciate your kind words about my blog, I love it so much, and your reassurance makes me feel awesome! I will keep the posts coming :) Feel free to subscribe!